Raised in the beautiful plains of North Dakota, I’ve always had a big imagination. Regular trips to the video store gave me an appreciation for the classics and inspired me to tell my own stories on film. Now I write and direct stories I love. I make a point of telling my own perspectives that haven’t been seen on the silver screen before.

In middle school, I began to be involved in school plays, establishing my love for performance and art. I wrote my first play in 9th grade, entitled “The Adventures of Quentin Phoenix”. I began making videos whenever possible for class projects. I also set up my own YouTube channel with a variety of content: music videos, vlogs, sketch comedy, and more. I won my middle school film festival with my short “Eggs” about two eggs falling in love only to be cracked open for breakfast.

During high school I continued to develop my filmmaking skills, working on such projects as a “Survivor” audition tape which brought a contestant to a final selection round of casting for the show. I also was involved in band, choir, and acting throughout this time, earning many musical performance awards. I wrote the play “Cindy” my senior year of high school.

In Winter of 2014, I was admitted into the Media Arts program at Brigham Young University. I have taken an emphasis in screenwriting. I have written short films, comedy spec scripts, and my own comedy TV pilot. My short film script “The Wizard of Bismarck” was selected as a Capstone project to be filmed in 2016. I have also directed the short film “A Widow’s Mite” and several short scenes.

In Winter of 2015, I began work on a collaborative project with Soren Budge. “Langston’ is a web series that follows the adventures of Steve, a human, and his puppet-roommate Langston, a demented deer with otherworldly powers.

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